February 20, 2020
$15 billion school bond issue bound for March ballot
SACRAMENTO – (INT) – California voters will be asked next year to consider the largest school construction bond in the state’s history.

The $15 billion bond will appear on the March primary election ballot. Supporters claim it will benefit students in preschools, K-12 public schools, and institutions of higher education.

If approved, funding would be allocated as follows:

• $9 billion for preschool to K-12
-$5.2 billion for modernizing schools
-$2.8 billion for new construction
-$500 million for career technical education facilities
-$500 million for charter schools
• $2 billion for community colleges
• $2 billion for the California State University
• $2 billion for the University of California

Backers of the bond proposal say it would strengthen and upgrade school buildings throughout California—in rural, urban and suburban communities. Funding would be highest for districts that have the greatest needs. The bond will prioritize projects to address mold, remove lead from fixtures, and to make buildings safer in the case of earthquakes. Districts facing severe overcrowding will also be prioritized.

The bond issue was made possible by AB 48, a bill signed by Governor Newsom Monday.
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