May 28, 2020
Rain interrupts mountain snow recovery, drier days ahead
LAKE ARROWHEAD – (INT) – Power is nearly restored to San Bernardino Mountain neighborhoods blacked out by the Thanksgiving Day snowstorm.

Wednesday's storm brought mostly rain to the resort communities.

Late last week, falling tree limbs laden with heavy snow snapped power lines leaving thousands of residents without heat. Fire stations in Forest falls, Green Valley Lake, Twin Peaks and Mt. Baldy and the Crestline Chamber of Commerce offered limited amounts of firewood. Resident Christine Stuehrmann said “Southern California Edison (SCE) should deliver a big supply of wood directly to each and every house for free.” SCE noted its responses have been slowed by snow-clogged side roads. The San Bernardino County Fire Department encouraged residents to only take what was needed to get through the night.

Mountain travel is back to normal with all major highways open.

Meantime, the storm brought an early Christmas present to ski resort operators. Visitors are likely to flood the ski resorts again this weekend.

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