July 12, 2020
California ranked for worst drivers
The National Safety Council has some sobering facts on highway travel in California.

In a state-by-state comparison, California ranked 11th highest in 2019 for the worst drivers.

Top findings:

Drunk driving and careless driving are California’s worst ranking factors. Californians rank 10th and 11th, respectively, nationwide.

• 34% of fatal crashes in California were due to drunk driving; 30% were due to careless driving.

• California ranked 14th in 2018, 15th in 2017, and 16th in 2016, signifying that driving in California is getting increasingly dangerous year after year.

The most dangerous states were ranked on the number of fatalities, drunk driving and careless driving rates. New Mexico was the worst followed by South Carolina, Arizona, Louisiana and Texas.
Story Date: January 15, 2020
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