July 12, 2020
Southern California Edison launches preemptive strike against wildfire causes
ROSEMEAD – (INT) – Southern California Edison (SCE) issued 2-year mitigation plan Friday aimed at reducing wildfires that might be caused by its electrical facilities.

During this year, SCE proposes to:

• Install at least 700 circuit miles of covered conductor, reducing ignitions caused by objects that contact distribution power lines or conductor-to-conductor contact.
• Install fast-acting fuses at more than 3,000 locations; these fuses help interrupt electric current more quickly and reduce the risk of ignitions.
• Continue enhanced inspections, applying advances in the company’s risk model to prioritize and address the inspection findings for the overhead assets across transmission, sub-transmission, distribution and generation facilities in high fire risk areas.
• Deploy at least 375 weather stations. By year’s end, the company will have one of the country’s largest, densest networks of weather stations.
• Actively identify and trim or remove trees that may pose a risk of falling into power lines.

SCE said it will spend approximately $3.8 billion to implement the 2020-22 Wildfire Mitigation Plan.

“Our wildfire mitigation plan is a comprehensive effort to address the wildfire challenges in high fire risk areas which represent about 27% of the area we serve,” said Phil Herrington, SCE’s senior vice president of Transmission & Distribution.
Story Date: February 25, 2020
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