July 12, 2020
Health officials quell misceptions about quarantined virus evacuees
MARCH AIR RESERVE BASE – (INT) – Health officials disclosed this week that a wave of irrational perceptions about the coronavirus spread after 195 evacuees from China were put in quarantine at March Air Reserve Base (MARB).

None of the US citizen-evacuees developed the virus and were released from quarantine Tuesday.

Although the evacuees were isolated from base personnel and were not permitted to leave the fenced quarantine area, concerns and rumors about those working on the base spread.

“There have been comments made that have been hurtful — both in person and on social media — that are often based on incorrect or incomplete information. A few base workers have even been accosted in uniform,” Riverside County Health Officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser said Monday.

In a written admonishment, Dr. Kaiser said “You do not need to exclude household or family members of MARB personnel, nor do you need to require them to obtain unnecessary “clearance letters” from a physician or health authority. They pose no greater risk than anyone else.”

Kaiser noted that only official medical staff, such as health care workers with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and nurses from Riverside University Health System-Public Health (RUHS-PH), were in direct contact with the former passengers.
Story Date: February 16, 2020
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