June 2, 2020
Reactions to proposed state budget cuts
Here's how local and state leaders reacted to Governor Newsom's proposed budget cuts:

UC President Janet Napolitano

“The University of California recognizes the unprecedented challenges California is facing in the wake of COVID-19 and regrets that Gov. Newsom was put into a position to steeply reduce the University’s budget in response to the State’s dramatically diminished revenues. Regardless, UC stands with the governor and the legislature to help lift the State out of this economic crisis.”

Senator Connie M. Leyva (D-Chino), Chair of the Senate Education Committee

“I agree with the Governor that—while we need to continue to protect public education, public health and public safety—we also need to help those most impacted by COVID-19. The need is great but so is our resolve to support California families struggling to make ends meet in the midst of this crisis.”

State School Superintendent Tony Thurmond

“I strongly echo the Governor’s call for Congress to act swiftly and pass the HEROES Act, which will provide immediate financial relief and help us avoid many of the reductions proposed today. Now, more than ever, California needs support from the federal government.”

Assemblyman James Ramos (D-Highland)

“My colleagues and I will also focus on assisting the small businesses, workforce and economic development programs that make California the world’s fifth largest economy. Those small businesses are the engine that will get us through this emergency, but only if we provide the assistance they need.”

Senator Richard D. Roth (D-Riverside)

“While the implications of the projected revenue shortfall are startling, we must earnestly take the necessary steps to pass a balanced budget, while ensuring access to essential services for everyone, especially our most vulnerable.”
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