June 2, 2020
“All for One’ bridges digital divide
RIVERSIDE – (INT) - The Riverside County Office of Education Foundation (RCOEF) is aiming to bridge a digital divide with the launch of “All For One”.

It’s a giving campaign centered on raising funds to provide computers, tablets, and/or mobile hotspot devices to students and families to ensure consistent access to remote learning.

The issue is two-fold:
• Families with multiple students sharing one computer to access online learning resources
• Geographic diversity of Riverside County where families live outside of areas with traditional internet services
• A parent with one computer for five students walked into a district office in tears because she is having to decide which of her kids' education should take priority over the other with only one device to share between them all.
• In one district, less than 80% of the district's geographic area is covered with traditional Internet services.

Support levels:
• All For 50 - Tax-deductible gift of $50* will pay for a portable hotspot device for a student and siblings within the same household to gain reliable access to the Internet for distance learning to start the next school year.
• All For 250 - Tax-deductible gift of $250* will provide a laptop computer and a portable hotspot device for a student to participate in distance learning from home to start the new school year.

More information on supporting the “All For One” campaign is available from the RCOE Foundation at http://www.rcoe.us/foundation/all-for-one.Tax-deductible donations can be made on the RCOEF “All For One” GoFundMe page at charity.gofundme.com/all-for-one-rcoef
Story Date: May 15, 2020
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