August 10, 2020
Reopening guidance: Schools will look a lot different
SACRAMENTO – (INT) – School leaders across the state are getting some initial guidance on the reopening of classes later this summer. Some students will be learning from home.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond announced Monday comprehensive guidance that will support public school leaders across the state as they work with their local health officers to plan for the safe reopening of campuses and classrooms this fall.

The guidebook assembled by the California Department of Educations (CDE) which was developed using the most current information known at the time and may be updated as new data becomes relevant—covers health and safety practices; instructional programs and models, including for special education and English learners; professional relationships and learning; mental health and well-being for staff and students; community engagement and parental support; early learning and care; and school services such as transportation and meals.

“The effects felt by COVID-19 have been widespread and created impacts unlike anything that we’ve ever seen. As our students return, schools will have to look dramatically different for their own safety and for the opportunity to accelerate learning,” Thurmond said.

“We know that guidance is only as good as its implementation, so think of this as the beginning of the conversation—not the end. We know that for many of us, this is the toughest challenge that we’ll ever face, perhaps in our lifetime. But when it comes to ensuring that California students continue receiving a high-quality education—and doing so safely—we must rise to meet the challenge,” Thurmond said.
Story Date: July 2, 2020
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