July 9, 2020
3500 residents contacted for anti-body testing
RIVERSIDE – (INT) – Anti-body testing for the coronavirus is shifting into overdrive in Riverside County.

About 3,500 randomly selected county residents will be asked if they are interested in taking part in the study, which could determine whether they have been exposed and developed COVID-19 anti-bodies. The study will help determine the Riverside County prevalence of COVID-19, which will be used to inform planning efforts.

“It’s important to know the extent of the spread of the virus have developed antibodies. That information is vital as we move forward,” said Kim Saruwatari, director of Riverside County Public Health.

It is not yet known if individuals can contract the virus again after testing positive for antibodies. Conducting the study will provide valuable information as COVID-19 continues to be researched.

Residents cannot volunteer for the study, in part, because health officials say they want a more representative sampling of the community. Those who are selected will complete a survey, then have blood drawn at one of nine sites located throughout the county.
Story Date: June 23, 2020
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