July 9, 2020
Local bars closing in response to pandemic’s upswing
INLAND EMPIRE – (INT) – The Governor’s recommended closure of bars in Riverside County has become mandatory.

Monday was the last day patrons could visit their favorite ‘watering hole’.

Public Health Officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser’s order is designed to help slow the spread of coronavirus, which has seen a recent upswing in confirmed cases.

“People don’t social distance well after a couple drinks, and it’s one of the hardest environments to trace contacts in,” said Dr. Kaiser. “My hope is that this will be only temporary and further closures won’t be needed, but it all depends on what every one of us as a county do to slow more spread.”

Bars had been allowed to operate in Riverside County since June 12th as the region and state reopened the economy under accelerated stage two. But local and state health officials became concerned as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases started to grow, along with an increase in hospitalizations and ICU beds in use.

The Department of Environmental Health will enforce the closure order by reaching out to all impacted bars, pubs, breweries and restaurants to explain the order and impacts to their operations. Officials said they believe most bars will comply with the order, but those who do not may face additional action.
Story Date: July 1, 2020
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