August 10, 2020
In the COVID era, will animation take over Hollywood?
HOLLYWOOD – (INT) - A statistical report places global box office revenue losses at $10 billion for 2020, while demand for streaming services has spiked.

The global pandemic doesn’t just affect how film sets will be run, but the entire pre- and post-production process and the livelihoods of thousands. A global pandemic and the sudden dispersal of the entertainment industry’s workforce has caused a paradigm shift forcing the industry to re-think everything it does.

One sector that has stepped into the global spotlight is animation.

“With film production shut down, we are seeing new and brilliant ways that animation will be used to enhance not just entertainment, but communication between people and companies,” says film producer and CEO Maury Rogow, whose Rip Media Group specializes in story-based live-action and animated video for a client list that includes Ben & Jerry's, Harvard University, and tech giant Cisco. “And with new innovations, there’s no sign of that slowing down.”

Social distancing is much less a problem for those involved in animation. Animated shows have been able to keep airing with their creators working remotely.
Story Date: July 21, 2020
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