August 10, 2020
California enhances PPE stockpile, purchases 420 million masks
SACRAMENTO (INT) - California will maintain a stockpile of 100 million N-95 respirator and 200 million surgical masks to increase preparedness heading into the fall.

The state has been able to supply millions of medical providers, essential workers, and schools with critical PPE to preserve public health and safety. To date, the state has distributed 86.4 million N-95 respirators and 297 million surgical masks to Californians working on the front lines against COVID-19, including hospitals, emergency responders, farm and factory workers and nursing home workers.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created worldwide competition and shortages for vital PPE supply, with certified N-95 respirator masks in highest demand.

California has been helping other states with their unmet emergency PPE needs, supplying 17 million surgical masks to Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Alaska.
Story Date: August 7, 2020
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