October 22, 2020
California land may be used to fight climate change
SACRAMENTO – (INT) – California is taking another bold step to slow climate change. Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday gave the order for state agencies to conserve 30% of state land and coastal water by no later than 2030.

The move is a bid to store carbon in the state’s natural and working lands and remove it from the atmosphere, according to a statement from the governor’s office.

Specifically, state agencies are directed to pursue innovative actions, strategies and partnerships to maximize the full climate benefits of natural and working land, through:

• Healthy soils management, including planting cover crops, hedgerows and compost applications;
• Wetlands restoration to protect coastal areas;
• Active forest management to reduce catastrophic risk and restore forest health; and
• Boosting green infrastructure in urban areas like trees and parks.

“It’s an audacious goal, and it’s an achievable goal,” Newsom said shortly before signing the executive order.

California becomes the first state in the nation to take such a step, the Democratic governor said, and it does so as part of a broader international movement.
Story Date: October 21, 2020
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