January 18, 2021
Inland Empire ranks high on ‘riskiest counties’ list
SOUTHLAND – (INT) - Los Angeles County is the riskiest county in the US, according to a new Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) index which considers 18 kinds of natural disasters, from earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes to floods, volcanoes and tsunamis.

Two New York City counties, Philadelphia, St Louis and Hudson county, New Jersey are FEMA’s top five riskiest counties for tornadoes. Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, which has seen more than 120 tornadoes since 1950, including one that killed 36 in 1999, ranks 120th.

A tornado in the top five would be “a low frequency, potentially high-consequence event because there’s a lot of property exposure in that area”, said the University of South Carolina Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute’s director, Susan Cutter, upon whose work much of the FEMA calculations are based. “Therefore, a small tornado can create a large dollar loss.”

California's future hinges on managing megafires

The National Risk Index spotlights places long known as danger spots, like Los Angeles, but some places highlighted run counter to expectations.

FEMA’s top 10 riskiest counties, in addition to Los Angeles, are Bronx, New York (Manhattan) and Kings (Brooklyn), Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas, St Louis and Riverside and San Bernardino counties in California because of the wildfire danger and potential property losses.
Story Date: January 14, 2021
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