January 18, 2021
San Bernardino police mount fifth homicide investigation this month
SAN BERNARDINO – (INT) - San Bernardino’s horrific homicide rate appears to be escalating with the opening of 2021.

Investigators determined on Sunday that the shooting death of a local man on January 13th was a homicide. But, they offered no details or a motive in the slaying of Miles Jermaine Gipson, 41, at a location on West 30th Street.

Earlier, investigators said that Gustavo Castro, 39, was suffering from a medical condition before he died of injuries he suffered in an altercation with another San Bernardino man. It occurred Saturday in a parking area along West 25th Street. The alleged assailant had fled by the time police showed up, but was later arrested.

Earlier last week, Boris Bernabe Sanchez, 22, of Highland has been identified as the victim of a late night shooting. Police found him dying in a parking lot on North Little Mountain Drive.

On January 10th, police responded to a shooting on West 21st Street. Horacio Gutierrez Marcial, 36, of Fontana died later at a local hospital.

Earlier on January 8th, police identified Faith Carroll Kinzle of Moreno Valley as the 19-year-old victim of a vehicle-to-vehicle shooting.

In all five incidents, police had no motive.

Sixty-seven people were murdered in the city last year. (INT)
Story Date: January 18, 2021
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