January 18, 2021
Inland reps join debate on Trump impeachment
WASHINGTON – (INT) – Members of the Inland Empire Congressional delegation rose to speak Wednesday as the House debated the second impeachment of Donald Trump.

Republican Darryl Issa challenged the accusation that Trump is a ‘clear and present danger’. Issa laid blame on the ‘anarchists’ who came to Washington “loaded” and ready to cause trouble.

Democrat Pete Aguilar argued that the mob that descended on the US Capitol was ‘radicalized by Trump’s lies’.

Republican Ken Calvert issued the following statement: “Invoking the 25th Amendment or pursuing impeachment in the final hours of this administration will only tear our country further apart. My focus in the days ahead will be on working with my colleagues to address the ongoing pandemic and many challenges that lie before us. We can demonstrate the strength of our republic by setting aside our partisan divisions and doing what is best for the American people.”

Democrat Mark Takano of Riverside declared in a statement: "“I urge the Senate to take immediate action, begin a trial, and vote to convict President Trump. He should not hold the most powerful office in the world for one more minute. It would be irresponsible for those of us who can do something, to do nothing.”
Story Date: January 14, 2021
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