February 27, 2021
Federal-state COVID vaccination sites augmented by mobile clinics
LOS ANGELES – (INT) – Two of the nation’s first community vaccination sites opened Monday in Oakland and Los Angeles.

The two locations, at the Oakland-Alameda Coliseum and California State University-Los Angeles, are in some of the most diverse and socioeconomically challenged communities in the country.

The goal of establishing these joint federal-state pilot sites is to continue to expand the rate of vaccinations in California in an efficient, effective and equitable manner, with an explicit focus on making sure that communities with a high risk of COVID-19 exposure and infection are not left behind, according to an announcement from Governor Newsom’s office.

Also opening this week are four mobile vaccination clinics which can be deployed to multiple locations within the community to provide distribution to areas that otherwise lack sufficient support.
Story Date: February 17, 2021
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