March 22, 2023
Vote count delay criticized, remedies sought
RIVERSIDE – County Registrar of Voters Barbara Dunmore is defending the around-the-clock ballot counting after her office was inundated with an avalanche of vote-by-mail ballots in last week’s election.

As many as 106,000 ballots remained to be counted. About 20,000 of those failed to meet the Tuesday night voting deadline and were discounted.

Mrs. Dunmore says she will work closer with the Post Office before the November election to insure the more timely delivery of last-minute ballots.

“If it means that we have to go to more than one Post Office in the county, we will make the arrangements to do that.”

Voters were forewarned not to mail their ballots on Election Day.

Assemblyman Jeff Miller of Corona has called for the registrar’s resignation and is demanding creativity and ‘a new era of leadership’.

County supervisors Tuesday asked for a report within 30-days explaining the delayed vote count. (INT)
Story Date: June 21, 2010
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