January 27, 2023
Court-ordered vote count over, winners confirmed
RIVERSIDE - A court-ordered tally of 12,500 vote-by-mail ballots from the June 8th primary resulted in no changes for the apparent winners and losers.

County Registrar-of-Voters Barbara Dunmore had initially estimated it would take 3-days to complete the count, but she ordered it started late Friday morning and completed it late Saturday.

It confirmed Judge Paul Zellerbach's ouster of District Attorney Rod Pacheco (52% to 48%).

The tally began after a Riverside judge acted on a lawsuit brought by the Democratic Central Committee.

Because the ballots failed to arrive at the registrar’s headquarters by the Election Night deadline, they were not counted.

Mrs. Dunmore says she’s will work closer with the Postal Service to circumvent ballot delivery problems in future elections.

“If it means we have to go to more than one distribution center or Post Office, we’ll make the arrangements to do that.”

Meantime, county supervisors will consider buying more equipment to speed up future ballot counts. (INT)
Story Date: July 14, 2010
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