August 10, 2022
Immigration protests result in 12 arrests
SAN BERNARDINO Protest rallies Tuesday in front of City Hall and the federal immigration office ended with a dozen arrests.

About fifty marched from City Hall to the immigration office and blocked Rialto Avenue. Police moved in after the demonstrators refused to disperse and arrested five.

A similar protest back at City Hall blocked the intersection of Third and D streets. Seven more were taken into custody. Most listed addresses in Los Angeles County.

The incidents lasted for about an hour as the demonstrators protested US immigration and enforcement policies. (INT)

# Name Given Sex Age City of Residence Location of Arrest
1 Ramon Valdivia M 19 Boyle Heights 600 blk W. Rialto Ave
2 Alma DeJesus F 28 Los Angeles 600 blk W. Rialto Ave
3 Nelly Gutierrez F 19 Wilmington 600 blk W. Rialto Ave
4 *Juvenile* M 17 Boyle Heights 600 blk W. Rialto Ave
5 *Juvenile* F 17 Pomona 600 blk W. Rialto Ave
6 Anayely Saguilan F 20 Pasadena 3rd St / D St
7 Maria Rodriguez F 18 Claremont 3rd St / D St
8 Claudia Hernandez F 24 Paramount 3rd St / D St
9 Alex Aldana M 25 Boyle Heights 3rd St / D St
10 Victor Pena M 20 Alhambra 3rd St / D St
11 Isabel Perez F 23 San Bernardino 3rd St / D St
12 Mariam Vasquez F 21 Los Angeles 3rd St / D St

Story Date: January 26, 2012
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