May 18, 2021
Verdicts read in Murrieta murders
RIVERSIDE – (INT) – It's guilty all the way around for three former Camp Pendleton Marines for the brutal murders of a fellow Marine and his wife at their home near Murrieta.

Two juries were impaneled to hear the case against Kevin Cox, Emrys John and Tyrone Miller. A fourth Marine has yet to stand trial.

Deputy DA Ryan Hightower said the motive appeared to be for financial gain.

“There are two counts of murder and enhancements for robbery and rape.”

The Riverside jury decided that the rape allegations against John and cox were not true.

Hightower said that Sgt. Jan Pietzrak and his wife knew their assailants. The quartet attempted to cover up the October 2008 shootings by setting a small fire.

The death penalty phase of the trial begins Monday in Riverside Superior Court.
Story Date: June 8, 2013
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