March 22, 2023
Quality of life initiative in San Bernardino announced
SAN BERNARDINO _ (INT) - A new project aimed to renew what has been a challenged central area of the city through expanded home ownership and improving quality of life for area residents was announced Tuesday.

It’s a project of NHSIE the Neighborhood Housing Services of the Inland Empire – NHSIE.

The project – with an anticipated budget of $2.3 million -- expands and complements current efforts of the Byrne crime prevention project and the redevelopment of Waterman Gardens. It targets a 2.5-mile (60 square block) area of central San Bernardino.

“It makes sense to work together and leverage resources,” said Councilman Benito Barrios. “This collaborative approach is critical to our success in transforming this community from one of last resort to one of choice.”

“Collaborative efforts such as this are key to transforming neighborhoods and entire cities,” said Alexa Washburn, Vice President of National CORE, which is leading the redevelopment of Waterman Gardens.
Story Date: March 26, 2015
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