June 29, 2022
Index ranks personal well-being of women
LOS ANGELES - (INT) - California women still face persistent disparities on a range of issues, from economic security to health to participation in political leadership.

That's the conclusion of a study done by the Women's Foundation of California and the California Policy and Budget Center. It rated each county on women's health, personal safety, employment & earnings, economic security and political empowerment.

Among all California counties, those ranking at the top of the Index’s assessment of overall women’s well-being are located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area or the greater Lake Tahoe region. At the other end of the scale, the counties ranking lowest on the Index’s assessment of overall women’s well-being are inland rural counties including Kings, Lake, Yuba, Merced, and Kern.

The Index’s overall rankings on women’s well-being for other selected counties across the state include Santa Clara County at 14th, Sacramento County at 25th, Los Angeles County at 31st, and Fresno County at 45th.

San Bernardino and Riverside counties ranked 35th and 35th.
The Inland Empire ranked worst for women's health care coverage. San Bernardino County women came in 46th in the obesity ranking.
Story Date: April 4, 2016
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